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We choose to take limited number of weddings every year because we decided a long time ago that we never wanted to be a wedding machine. Weddings are high pressure events and require a lot of time so to ensure our clients gets the very best, we limit the number of couples that we work with. This way we remain fresh, inspired and excited to film your wedding. On the most important day of your life thus far, would you rather be one of just 6 or possibly number 39 of 40?

Wherever you are willing to take us! In seriousness, we are very used to working throughout the UK and have worked abroad too. For bookings outside of our immediate area then there may be additional travel and accommodation costs but we aim to keep these down where possible.

We are certainly not the cheapest company around but at the same time it’s something we are also very proud of. We strive to produce the highest quality of films around and spend a lot of time on each wedding. We like to take time to meet our clients, get a feel of what they want and leave no stone unturned in preparation. We always attend rehearsals and film with more people to ensure nothing gets missed. We can say with confidence that your investment is safe with us. That said we are incredibly flexible when it comes to payment and can schedule payments that suit you.

We offer two types of ‘main’ film. The Highlight film is the shorter of these options and typically a Highlight Film runs approximately 7-10 minutes whereas our signature Feature Film normally lasts around 22-26 minutes. A Highlight Film is designed to be exactly the same style of film as the Feature Film just slightly more condensed.

Both! 😉 The main difference between a Teaser and Theatrical Trailer is the length. A Teaser runs for approximately 90-100 seconds whereas the Theatrical runs around 2-3 minutes. The idea behind them is just like a major Hollywood film release where they often tease the film with a short trailer before the main one just ahead of the full film. These are great to keep the excitement of the wedding building to the release of the film and are ideal for sharing with family, friends and on social media.

Our preferred method of approaching a wedding is with a crew of three. This is so that we can be in more places at once without the need for additional travel and logistics. Often one of us will be with each of you and leaves our third to do shots of the venue, guests arriving, aerial shots etc. Also in the Ceremony and Speeches we are able to get shots of all the important people without excessive movement. We also offer options with just one or two cinematographers but it is important to note that that may not allow certain filming options.

To us sound is very important and it’s something we take very seriously. Nothing makes a film less watchable than bad audio. We use high quality audio equipment that is also discreet and compact. We get the best sound from small mics and audio recorders worn by our couples or by taking feeds from your venue, band or DJ. We take care of all of this for you so sit back and know it’s taken care of.

Absolutely! In fact, as well as our standard payment term, which is a £500 non-refundable retainer followed by the balance two months before the wedding day, we can offer flexible monthly payments that can be set up many different ways. We see no reason why, because we have an extended relationship with you after the day of the wedding, that you cannot continue to make payments towards your film up to 6 months after the wedding day either. Furthermore, we can extend this up to 12 months with a £1000 non-refundable retainer if so desired. There’s no interest and the minimum monthly payment is £100 so there needs not be any compromise when investing in your wedding film.

Each wedding takes us about 80 hours of editing once we begin the process. We take a lot of time to ensure that your film looks and sounds superb. Therefore, we ask our clients to remain patient while we complete the post-production process. Our aim is to deliver all elements of your wedding film within 26 weeks, especially during busy periods. Often we are able to deliver earlier than that however.

Music or the score of your film is vitally important. As such we ask that our clients entrust us with choosing suitable music that compliments the tone and feeling of the film. We pride ourselves on making good choices that suit our clients weddings and are often complimented on our selections. There’s also a requirement to choose music that is royalty free and fit for use so that your film is not subject to copyright claims.

We take every effort to ensure that we include as much of the footage that we capture from your wedding day in your final film and documentary edits. Any footage that doesn’t get used is often not used for a reason but if you would like to have all of your ‘RAW’ footage then we can make this available to you on a hard drive for an additional fee. Let us know that you’d like this when you enquire and we can include it in your proposal.

You lovely people! Thank you for thinking to ask. The answer is that whilst not essential, we would be very grateful for any sustenance that you are able to provide. We’d ask though that you don’t go to any great trouble or cost to do this though. Please let us know if you are able to arrange something for us. If not then we are happy to bring ourselves a packed lunch!

Every wedding film we offer is delivered online with a digital menu. From here you can view all the elements of your wedding film, transfer the collection to your own, perpetually free online library and also download all the films. With some of our collections we offer physical copies too on either USB or BluRay. DVDs are available but we don’t recommend this format as they are standard definition as opposed to the high definition that we film in. If it is essential to have DVDs then we can produce them for you however. Whatever is included with your collection you will always be able to order additional copies on any of the formats listed. If we provide you a proposal then you’ll see the options on the Additional Items page.

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